Sustainability for Hawai Italia is the matrix from which projects, processes and circular actions branch out to minimize the environmental impact of products and to improve the quality of life.

Making sustainable production choices does not mean only pay attention to the materials used but also reduce CO2 emissions and manage the supply chain internally, all in Italy.

We want to actively participate in the change and for this we have chosen to invest in green productions and we continue to do so every day.

Renewable resources

  • We are continuously looking for optimal solutions aimed to reduce at the origin the sources of pollution.
  • We use more and more renewable energy in our production facilities. Today a large part of our energy comes from green sources and by 2025 we want to achieve a further significant improvement.
  • We have drastically reduced CO2 emissions thanks to the purchase of latest generation machinery and to the development of products with less and less environmental impact, both in terms of “weight” and in terms of the raw material used.

Production and products

  • Hawai products are made of high performance composite material. Numerous international tests certify its durability over time and this allows to reduce the production of waste, significantly reducing the environmental impact.
  • In the study and production phase we try to minimize the use of plastic: the “self-punching composite eyelet” product for example, eliminates the use of the washer.
  • Production surpluses can be used through a material recycling process.


  • The company has a flexible structure, carries out the entire production process independently and do not need to relocate production phases . Made in Italy means a lowering of fuel consumption and a annual savings of significant quantities of CO2.
  • Our working methodology is increasingly aimed at the use of digital, with a consequent relative lowering of the environmental impact.


  • We have put in place awareness campaigns for all of our collaborators with the aim of promoting a sense of responsibility towards the environment.
  • The environmental aspects associated with our business (activity) are monitored and we act with the awareness of the “harm” or “benefits” that come from manufacturing processes.
  • All of these actions help to consolidate a safer and more satisfying work environment as it respects the criteria of attention to the health of the staff.