Innovation is our DNA

One of our main strengths is to propose original and innovative products. We came to the market proposing new ideas and since then, these intuitions have been our success. We have invented unique products demonstrated by our numerous registered patents. Our research continues with perseverance and passion in all sectors of footwear, both from a technical perspective as well as fashion. Solutions like Pro Air Waterblock®, the breathable insert that is completely waterproof while providing maximum ventilation to the footwear, the unique lines of Top Light® evo articles, the exclusive application system for buckles and hooks which remain entirely Metal Free, are some examples of our most known achievements today at the service of the customer.

360 ° research
and experimentation

If innovation starts from original ideas, its whole development passes through complex and rigorous testing and experimentation. Only through this process can we create revolutionary products such as Top Light® evo, to be transformed into products that are excellent for their characteristics and performance. We design and manufacture components, carefully analysing every technical detail and taking care of its application to footwear. We guarantee their use by carrying out scrupulous and extreme internal testing in preparation for the important process of product certification.

Everything internally:
safety and efficiency

Hawai Italia is a flexible company, structured to be able to carry out the entire production process in full autonomy. This extensive experience guarantees greater protection for the customer and a more efficient and immediate after-sales service. Production is developed entirely within the company without external collaboration, dealing with the complete process, from the design of the article to the creation of the mould, the manufacturing and aesthetic finishing of each product, into thousands of different alternatives.