The revolution

The application of metal accessories for footwear with automatic drilling machines was already known. But that it was possible to achieve the same way of fastening with eyelets and hooks in plastic material seemed impossible until now. Yet, thanks to the ability to invent, the mastery of materials, and the development of technology, someone finally succeeded. And that someone could only be us, who have innovation inscribed in our DNA.

The material

Why couldn’t composite eyelets and hooks or speedlaces be applied with self-punching machines until now? The answer is simple: because there was no suitable plastic material that could withstand the processing temperatures and offer total reliability. The material itself is one of Grinn’s secrets: ductile and amorphous, it is cold-fastened and retains its characteristics unchanged.

The technology

But the material is not enough: once made, it remains to design and implement a technology capable of exploiting it to the full. Here again, we have been able to draw on our experience in the development of innovative production processes, particularly for the processing of plastics.

The green soul

The greatest advantage of this new technology is that it benefits the environment: first and foremost, a saving of more than 20% in plastic material and consequently less processing energy, which in turn results in significantly reduced emissions. Grinn testifies to our ever more concrete commitment.

The benefits

This new approach facilitates the machining processes of technical components on footwear from a production point of view, guaranteeing speed of fastening, cost savings, precision in manufacturing. Application is also simplified to the nth degree thanks to the elimination of an element. If we add to this the exclusive advantages of composite material (lightness, design, colour)we obtain a product line destined to change the international footwear panorama.