Composite eyelets

The application of metal eyelets with automatic drilling machines was already known. But that the same application could be made with plastic eyelets, until now it seemed impossible.Thanks to the ability of inventing, the mastery in materials, the development of technologies, finally somebody succeeded. And perhaps it could not be that us, who have innovation inscribed in their DNA.

The material

Why couldn’t composite eyelets be applied with automatic eyelets drilling machines until now? The answer is simple: because there was no suitable plastic material, able to withstand processing temperatures and offer total reliability. The material is one of the secrets of our revolutionary eyelets, in the wake of a tradition of excellence in research and innovation that has always rewarded us.


But the material is not enough: once realized, still needs to conceive and implement a technology able to exploit it at best. Also in this case, we have been able to count on our experience in the development of innovative production processes, in particular for the processing of plastic materials. The combination of materials with technologies, has settled the basis for the success of Hawai Italia.


As the production aspect, the advantages offered by this application system are considerable: rapid assembly, consequent cost savings, manufacturing precision. If we add to all these aspects the exclusive advantages of the composite material (lightness, design, color) we get a totally new, almost revolutionary, product.