We like to say that innovation is in our DNA because we have revolutionized the world of footwear with unique products and we continue to do so by pushing our limits. Where there is an obstacle, we see an opportunity: to overcome the challenge and reach the summit. Once again we did it, we did what no one else had done before: the carbon fiber speedlaces. Even lighter, excellent for resistance and technical performance. And now that we have reached the top in quality and performance? We do not stop, Innovation Always!

Ne plus ultra (highest point)

Thinking of a material even lighter than composite to make high-performance speedlaces seemed like an impossible challenge. Yet, once again, our vocation for research and innovation has confirmed that limits only exist until they are overcome. We have achieved the maximum in terms of lightness by improving the performance of the speedlaces in composite material. How did we do it? By applying CFRP technology to the plastic fittings for footwear.

Unbeatable for weight and strength

The speedlaces with Carbon Fiber technology are a real revolution in the world of technical and sports footwear. All these high-performance features make them unsurpassed for the application on latest generation footwear, those that require top-level performance.

times lighter than metal
more elastic than 100% carbon
less heavy than composite material
more impact resistant than carbon

CFRP Technology

CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) technology describes a reinforced composite material that uses carbon fiber as its main structural component. It is an extremely light and indisputably resistant material that is used in the production of products with high performance standards. Never before has such advanced technology been applied to the components of technical and sports footwear with so revolutionary results.

In what sectors is CFRP Technology used