200-Reef® is the composite material toecap, an Hawai exclusive formulation, created for the most modern safety footwear, entirely metal-free. Perfected by continuous  research and development of innovative materials, it contains exclusive features and differs from the traditional metal toecaps both in composition and performance. Light and resistant, it is half the weight of the traditional steel toecaps and conforms to EN12568 standards. It can be used easily in environments protected by metal detectors, it guarantees thermal and electrical insulation and it is resistant to water, acids and weathering. Our invention comes in different sizes, produced in different colours to allow an immediate identification. The offering includes numerous lines of toecaps in different shapes and sizes suitable to satisfy every functional and aesthetic need of the shoe. On demand, we produce customized versions of toecaps taking care of the entire development project, from the first prototype to the certification and subsequent industrial production.